Tuesday, 12 May 2009

People Don´t Really Die They Go On Vacation

More images coming soon. The quality of these images is not correct, sorry about that!

A time for a change

Long time no see. My course is almost over. Summer is upon us. It is time for a change in my mind and in the way I manage the blog. This blog was created to fulfill a outcome on my course. No longer is this needed. For now on the blog will become more intimate.

Monday, 9 March 2009

My online Portfolio ( in progress )

Chose to put my portfolio online, to make it easily accessible. This just a "draft" of what I want my portfolio to be. I just purchased a A3 portfolio and am still developing what I want to have in it. The work that I am most happy about is the personal work. There are couple of pieces, that I have done on our course, that I am happy to put in my portfolio, but most of it is personal work. I also have a lot of photographic work, even though I want my portfolio to be one of an illustrators. This is something I have to consider. I also want to create more illustrational pieces and obviously, the illustrations from FMP will be a big part of it. This portfolio is work in progress and just to show some of my work and show my style and interests.


A piece from year one. Paper, scalpel.